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unified and interoperable in Jarvis


We are building Jarvis Edge, a modular, open and interoperable financial ecosystem taking advantage of decentralized technologies.

Jarvis Exchange

A regulated multi-assets exchange capable of millions of transactions per second, with a fiat gateway, to facilitate trading accross multiple markets and the interoperability of the ecosystem.

Jarvis ID

A decentralized master login with biometric, holding the keys of all the applications and services encompassed in the ecosystem, with a reusable KYC and highly secured by encryption.

Jarvis Core

An API to connect and unify multiple Blokchain nodes, smart contracts, dApp, and protocols to make them interoperable for real and easy use cases and accessible in one single interface.

All together, they form the Jarvis Framework and allow to build applications on the top of it.

We are building a wallet, trading platform and social network which take advantage of the interoperability of our framework.


Jarvis Wallet

A multi-currency crypto and fiat wallet with instant exchange and a fiat gateway


Jarvis Trader

A multi-assets trading platform which facilites trading with a set of unique features


Jarvis Network

A social network built on the top of Steemit Blokchain, which rewards quality content



We are a fintech start-up aiming to disrupt financial systems by delivering interoperability and accessibility in decentralised technologies

We are in Sofia

Our team is spreaded accross Europe, but most of us are based in Sofia, Bulgaria, a great IT hub, full of talented developers and blockchain enthusiasts.

We are fintech expert

Our 20+ members team is comprised of financial experts, blockchain enthusiasts, with extensive experience in creating and developing trading companies, brokerages and exchanges.

We are hiring. We are growing. We are connecting.
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Our office is located in the Coworking space "Puzl" in Vitosha Business Center
Office "The View", at he 5th floor, in
Boulevard Cherni Vrah, 47a, Sofia, Bulgaria.